Tuesday, July 17, 2012

43 Ideas for Making Money Over the Summer

  1. Get a Seasonal or part-time job.
  2. Live on a busy street? Start a car wash. You can also go mobile and go to your customers.
  3. Garage Sales are a great way to make money quickly.
  4. Become an online juror.
  5. Work as a merchandiser or mystery shopper
  6. Start a direct sales business
  7. Offer tailoring services for bridal parties.
  8. Tutor students online.
  9. Work the summer party scene as a temporary tattoo artist, face painter, DJ or clown.
  10. Become an eBay seller
  11. Put your good handwriting to good use offering invitation and thank you writing services. Summer is wedding and graduation season after all.
  12. Offer babysitting services. Register your services with sites like Sittercity and Thumbtack.
  13. Start a laundry service
  14. Do you have mechanic skills? Offer onsite services for cars, boats, ATVs or bicycles.
  15. Grow and sell garden product at your local farmer’s market.
  16. Clean RVs during the summer months.
  17. Be a tour guide. You can work for an existing operation or start your own specialized service around your interests. (Ex. Haunted houses, night vision walks, historical walks, etc.)
  18. Start a summer taxi service busing local kids to and from the pool, summer camp, Bible school, summer reading programs, etc.
  19. House sitting is in demand during summer months due to family vacations.
  20. Mow lawns
  21. Paint houses.
  22. Donate plasma.
  23. Participate in a medical research study.
  24. Clean pools.
  25. Make and sell “busy kits” for those long summer car trips. You can include travel games, books or other items to keep kids busy during travel. Leave out the crayons! Car interiors get pretty hot in the sun.
  26. Offer spring cleaning services.
  27. Be a driving school instructor.
  28. Start a fitness training class.
  29. Live on the water? Rent jet skis, boats or storage space.
  30. Sweep chimneys.
  31. Photograph weddings.
  32. Rent a room in your home.
  33. Open a moving service.
  34. Be a pet service provider. You can train, board, walk, sit or groom pets.
  35. Scoop poop.
  36. Wash and stain decks.
  37. Build and sell birdhouses.
  38. Make and sell vacation guest gift baskets.
  39. Stage homes.
  40. Haul debris to your local landfill, recycling center or designated dumping facility.
  41. Start a party planning service.
  42. Resell cheap, good finds at flea markets.
  43. Buy a bounce house and rent it out at parties.

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