Tuesday, July 17, 2012

50 ways of earning money on the side.

  1. Blogging – You can earn money with your blog. Look no further than this blog. OCAAT is now a regular money earner, although I display too few ads here. Be a blogger and write the topics you love most.
  2. Online Consultancy – Online Consultancy is also a very good option for earning extra money. pick up your area of expertise.
  3. Surveys – You can earn money by taking online Surveys. You need to register for sites that publish surveys.
  4. Seasonal Shop – Seasonal retail shops could be very good side hustle.
  5. Reviewer – Be a critique or reviewer and review goods and services. Manufactures/publishers pay small money for this.
  6. Tree removal- You can start tree removing service. For that you will need good equipment and some experience in this field.
  7. Maids – Start house cleaning service, not necessarily you need to clean yourself, you can hire.
  8. Snow shoveling - If your area gets a lot of snow fall , you can start shovel service in the neighborhood.
  9. Dog walking – If you have spare time then you can take dogs on walk.
  10. Property management – You can start property management service for your neighbors who spend most of the year away from home. you can offer your service as a proxy landlord.
  11. Performer – You can earn by working as a street performer, bit too extreme but if you have talent then why not. Be careful not to become joke of the town.
  12. Moving business – You can start packers and movers services or at least you can become one of the agents of moving companies.
  13. Door cleaning – Provide window and door cleaning service.
  14. Lawn Mowing – You can start lawn mowing service. This business can be very successful specially if you have free morning time.
  15. Pet sitting – You can start pet sitting side hustle.
  16. Garden farming – You can grow vegetables in your garden and can sell excess.
  17. Teach English – If you are very good in English you can do proof reading, you can even teach English in community schools.
  18. Pet grooming – By taking small fee from people you can groom their pets.
  19. Scrap-booking - Many people love beautiful scrapbook, so you can earn by designing beautiful scrapbook.
  20. Be a speaker – If you are a good speaker you can earn by working as a public speaker for any agency.
  21. Assistance- You can be part time assistant of some small businessmen.
  22. Help seniors – You can earn by doing some simple household chores for senior citizens.
  23. Part-time Bartender – you can become a part-time bartender or server, if social reputation is not a concern.
  24. Transporting goods – You can earn money by transporting goods, specially if you have truck/bigger vehicle.
  25. Soap making business – You can start small soap making workshop.
  26. Get bank incentives – You can earn little side money by opening fee-free checking accounts at banks that provide sign-up bonus.
  27. Price arbitrage – You can buy goods from local market which is cheap and then sell those goods for good profit.
  28. Repair electronics – If you can do electric repairing then buy old gadgets, repair them and sell them.
  29. Sell your paintings – If you can paint, you can sell your art online, you can even host local exhibition (even in your yard) and sell your paintings.
  30. Babysitting – If you have too much spare time then you can do babysitting.
  31. Rent your room – If you have spare room in your house, you can start a bed and breakfast service. You can even rent it out to tourists when you are not at home.
  32. Cake decoration – You can start cake decorating side business. you can attend classes at local arts and craft stores (‘Michael’s’ offer this course) to learn.
  33. Candle making – Candle making is very easy and mostly don’t require attending classes, you can buy equipment and read books on candle-making.
  34. Garage sale arbitrage – You can buy stuff from garage sale and sell on eBay and other online websites, earn the margin.
  35. Programming jobs – If you can do programming, you can get online jobs, register for freelance sites. This can be an interesting off-work activity which can actually improve performance in your main job.
  36. Website design – You can earn by designing websites/blog if you have that knack and expertise. You can start easily after taking few web designing classes at local community colleges. One of my friends is doing just that and earning decent money regularly.
  37. Staff writing – Some online sites pay for writing articles for them. You can do this work from your home at spare time.
  38. Market your videos – If you have some original videos put them on youtube and earn money by using Google ad-sense enabled.
  39. Teach music – If you are good in playing musical instruments, start teaching others for money.
  40. Furniture assembly – You can start furniture assembling business if you have plumbing skills. If you have a truck and can carry items from furniture stores, you can start this business immediately. All you need to do it putting up your ad on Craigslist.
  41. Phone book delivery – Every year people are hired to deliver phone books. You can earn seasonal money by becoming a delivery agent.
  42. Coffee shop – You can start your own coffee shop, you require a license though.
  43. Gas station – If you can invest money then opening a gas station and hiring attendants could be a great side hustle.
  44. Virtual teacher – If you are particularly strong in some subject, you can start teaching. There are sites that offer virtual tutor services, register with them first.
  45. Be a DJ – If you are in to music, playing DJ at local parties/wedding is a possibility for you to earn some extra money on the side.
  46. Start boutique – You can start your own boutique. I have known many talented women who can easily start their own line of clothing.
  47. Sell your photographs- You can sell your digital photographs to sites that re sell them to publishers. You can earn from few cents to few dollars per picture, based on the quality and subject.
  48. Fix computers – If you know computer hardware then start fixing computers, again putting up ads in local classified and Craigslist could bring you order.
  49. Event manager – You can start an event management business. When someone you know is having a party, ask him/her if you can plan it for a small fee.
  50. Sell  candies – Make candies at home and sell those for good profit.

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