Sunday, June 17, 2012

How to earn money


Earning money online is never an easy task to do in today’s world of competition. Many people try to earn money online but only few of them get success. Today, there is lot of competitors and competition on internet. So it becomes a difficult for everyone to get ahead over competition on the internet. But from my opinion this is partially truth. I will tell you some easy and understandable steps to start earning online money. So read my following steps carefully.

Step1. Instead of starting your own website for earning money, it is better to create a free blog. You can either start blogging by Google’s Blogger or Wordpress Blogger. Google and Wordpress provide very good free blogging services. Or you can also buy your own domain for your Blog.

Step2. If you are lazy or can’t set up you own blog or website. The better thing is to write article for other article writing sites. But there is lot of hard work and will is needed to earn money writing articles on other sites.

Step3. If you are good in photography, there is success waiting on your doorstep. You can start earning by posting your photographs and videos to National Geographic and Discovery channel or there are many websites that pays you for posting photos. Or you can start earning money by your YouTube account; you can upload you original videos on YouTube, once you uploaded lot of videos, then you can show Google Adsense ads on your videos on YouTube by becoming the member of YouTube partner program.

Step4. E- Commerce: - If you are good in promoting goods, then no one can stop you from becoming rich. You can set up your Amazon or eBay affiliate account. Sell their products on your website or article. If anyone buys that product from your article or website, then eBay or Amazon affiliate account will fetch you 30% to 40% profit on every sale of goods.

If you have the knowledge of programming, web designing, video editing, making animation, making games, software designing. Best think you show try is Free Lancing. You search for any task as you like for earning money from free lancing sites. Best free lancing site like SourceForge, Free Lancer and many more.

Step6. If can’t do anything, best thing to earn money is to join any best PTC (pay to click) site. PTC site pays for just clicking ads their site. From my experience Neobux is best PTC site. From my experience Neobux is best PTC site. You can earn here up to 300$ to 500$ per month.

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